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Rock Climbing - Escalada - Cicerone

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Rock Climbing. Escalada.
Idioma: ANGLÈS.
Autor: Pete Hill.
Publicat 10 Octubre 2007.
Pàgines 192.
Dimensions 21.6 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm.
Difficulty: Excellent for beginners, also for those wishing to improve on technical knowledge.
Rock climbing is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and this book is designed for anyone who wishes to take it up as a sport. Covering all the basic technical skills needed, it is invaluable not only for beginners but also for those who already climb but would like to increase their technical knowledge on both single- and multi-pitch routes.

Written by one of the UK’s top mountain instructors, the book covers subjects including equipment, knots, belaying, leading, seconding and abseiling. Many other peripheral skills are also covered, and the whole book is highly illustrated with full-colour photographs throughout. Special ‘Tips’ and ‘Notes’ boxes highlight important techniques and observations, and the book is presented in such a way as to make learning to climb as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Whether you are just starting out or are already experienced on rock, the contents of this book will help you to enjoy climbing safely and with confidence.