Roma - Borch (Mapa - Plano)

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Callejero de Roma. Italia. Incluye plano del centro de Roma (Escala 1:11.000), plano de metro, plano del Vaticano e índice. Escala 1:15.000. Idiomas: Varios. 2007.

Roma 1:15 000, Roma Centro 1:11 000, Vaticano 1:7 000, Roma & Regione 1:250 000, Foro Romano 1:7 000, Public Transport Rome, Italy administrative.

Our soft-laminated map of Rome includes: Rome 1:15 000, Rome Centre 1:11 000, Vatican 1:7 000, Rome & Region 1:250 000, Foro Romano 1:7 000, Public Transport Rome, Italy administrative; shows top sights, interesting statistics: conversion chart for temperatures, weights and measures; climate chart with temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity; hotels, museums, markets and much more.

The Roman Empire''s capital city of Rome was founded, according to legend, by Romulus and Remus, two brothers reared by a she-wolf. Rome was built on seven hills and was the center of the antique world. Classical Roman masonic ruins bear witness to the splendor of an age gone by. A majestic feeling still dominates the capital and largest city of the Italian peninsula, even though modern sounds, smells and sights have invaded the authentic atmosphere. The carefree, energetic flow of Italian life can be experienced at every landmark, in any of the numerous bars, at the markets, on the piazzas, in the restaurants serving delicious Italian specialties, indeed at every corner. The countless churches, Vatican City, ancient excavations, renowned museums and works of architecture comprise the backdrop, but it is the Romans themselves who add the distinguishing touch, to ensure each visitor experiences the unique Roman character of "The Eternal City".