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Mapa turístico y de carreteras de Rusia (Completa). Resistente al agua. 13 x 24 cm. Escala 1:6.000.000. Idiomas: Inglés. ISBN: 9781553413868.
This latest update is a minor one, due to the scale of Russia, but there are major new improvements to their infrastructure that are important to note. First, there is a new high-speed train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg that includes border officials checking documentation while the train is in motion. This in itself saves a couple of hours, but the revamped rails significantly speed up train service. Also, there is a new high-speed train service from St. Petersburg to Moscow, significantly reducing travel time for Russians and visitors alike. Russia still has a ways to go to become a ‘visitor friendly’ country, but gradually modern attributes are embedded and make Russia a more attractive destination. This edition has a new cover and ISBN,double-sided.