Ruta cilista Dinamarca - Mar del Norte - Tonder a Skagen

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North Sea Cycle Route: Tonder to Skagen.
Ruta ciclista del Mar del Norte: Desde Tonder hasta Skagen. Dinamarca.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Desde Tønder a Skagen (559 km).
Escala 1:75.000.
112 Páginas, mapas de ciudades, alojamientos, índice de localizaciones.
Kilometre after kilometre of sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, undulating heather-covered dunes, fairy-tale romantic forests reminiscent of Ronya the robber?s daughter all around you, high sand dunes ­wandering through your field of view, white seagulls soaring through the air above ? a cycling tour along the Danish North Sea coast offers an experience of nature in its purest form, where the tourist can relax in idyllic villages, sunbathe on the beach, and inhale the North Sea?s bracing breeze.