Seychelles: Garden of Eden in the Indian Ocean

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Seychelles. Garden of Eden in the Indian Ocean.
Seychelles. El jardín del Edén en el océano Índico.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Fecha Publicación: Febrero 2005.
Categoría: TRAVEL/Africa.
Edición: 6ª Edición.
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Pirate treasure is believed to be hidden somewhere on one of the small islands of Seychelles, which were used for many years as secret hideaways. Modern-day treasure-seekers are lured to the Indian Ocean archipelago by the promise of unspoiled golden beaches and the search for that elusive tropical paradise. For scenic splendour, isolated coral reef beaches, lush vegetation and a gentle tropical climate, the Republic of Seychelles is almost too good to be true.

In this informative guide, Sarah Carpin examines the rich natural history of the islands, the short but vibrant human history which has shaped the country since people first arrived here just over 200 years ago, and offers tips on how best to discover these paradise islands.

Special topics include an argument by a Victorian traveller, General Gordon, that the islands were the site of the Garden of Eden; the unique conservation needs of the far-flung atoll of Aldabra, "the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean", and how gold fever may strike even today. New sections in this edition include a guide to the best mountain walks on the islands, and a look at "Green Seychelles" and efforts to preserve natural history through correct ecotourism practices.