Shisha Pangma: The Alpine Style First Ascent of the Southwest...

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Shisha Pangma: The Alpine Style First Ascent of the Southwest Face.

Idioma: INGLÉS. Rústica.
321 páginas.
Abril 2000.
ISBN: 9780898867237.

Originally published in 1984 as The Shishapangma Expedition, this book was the winner of the first Boardman-Tasker Literary Award. It details the May 28, 1982 ascent by Alex McIntyre, Doug Scott, and Roger Baxter-Jones of Shishapangma's unclimbed southwest face. The story of the ascent is almost like two books in one, with each chapter having sections written by Doug and other sections written by Alex.

The book has excellent maps and lots of great black and white and some colour photos of the steep face and the summit area, including the knife-edge ridge to the central summit.

There are appendices on Buddhism and Milarepa, the European advances into Tibet, expedition medicine, earlier expeditions to Shishapangma and its vicinity, and a list of climbing around Shishapangma from 1921 to 1999.
This adventure classic captures everything from the historical to the deeply personal in a gripping account of an ambitious first ascent of the Southwest Face of Shishapangma. As Alex MacIntyre describes it, "To climb it became an ambition, but not just to climb it, we had to make the ascent with style, as light, as fast, as uncluttered as we dared, free from umbilical cords and logistics, with none of the traditional trappings of a Himalayan climb. The wall was the ambition, the style became the obsession."
< Placing the expedition into a historical context, Doug Scott presents a wealth of historical detail about the region while Alex MacIntyre provides a unique commentary on the "big peak" way of life-from the frenzied preparations to the clashes of personality, the affection, and the humor.