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Singapur - Plànol de carrers - Mapa

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Plànol de carrers de Singapur.

Els mapes "À la carte" són una col·lecció de plànols de carrer de ciutats, dibuixats per diversos artistes, i que inclouen informació pràctica proporcionada pels habitants locals. Això els converteix en una petita obra d'art amb recomanacions i informació molt valuosa. Un plànol pràctic i artístic, un regal original, una manera diferent de conèixer algunes de les capitals més internacionals del món.

Do you know where to find the best chilli crab in town? Want to hang out with some "neighbourhood uncles" in an authentic Singaporean coffeeshop? Have you ever thought of prawning? Where is the best place to look for one left shoe? Would you like to try some of the best tasting bizarre food in the world? How about partying in a wheelchair while getting your drink served in an IV drip?

Extracts of our „My Singapore à la Carte“ Map

Our “My Singapore à la Carte” Map is a brilliant way to get to know Singapore, or to discover whole new sides of this exciting city. No matter whether you travel for business or for leisure, with our “My Singapore à la Carte” Map you have a local friend, who has written an array of the city’s best kept insider tips on a beautiful and handy 70x42cm hand-drawn map. In addition, a welcome letter will provide you with the most important information about the city (e.g. where to exchange money, how to get around, what to do on a rainy/sunny day, which gifts to bring home, crucial addresses/phone numbers etc.). Furthermore, you will get access to our online database with the latest updates for Singapore: While our "My City à la Carte" Maps feature the best mix of insider tips, this comprehensive database captures a wider range of tips − ready for you to discover.