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South India.

Sur de la India.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: David Stott.
4ª edición.
ISBN: 9781907263125.
Mapas: 72.
Publicado: Octubre 2010.
Páginas: 552.

Mesmerising and manic in equal measure, South India will have travellers enthralled from the minute they arrive.
Footprint's 4th edition South India Handbook will help them discover, digest and delight in this beautiful region.

South India is an assault on the senses, from exploring chaotic cities, hiring a houseboat to navigate around the beautiful backwaters, discovering tombs and temples galore or simply relaxing on one of the many stunning beaches, adventurers will be able to experience all this and more. Footprint's fully updated 4th edition South India Handbook will allow travellers to immerse themselves fully with everything they need to know, including how to hunt out the silks and spices, where to find heritage homestays or mountain ghats and the low-down on the movie madness. With detailed listings on where to eat, sleep and play as well as fantastic background, history and culture sections this guidebook is a must-have for anyone wanting to escape the crowds and get to know this fascinating region.

  • Includes a new section on responsible travel in the region
  • Essential Hindi words and phrases listed at the back of the book
  • Detailed information on the region's attractions including the ancient temples of Hampi
  • Dozens of maps to help you get around