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Mapa de Sumatra (Indonesia). Escala 1:1.100.000. Idioma: Inglés.
ISBN: 978-1-55341-544-2.

1st Edition, 2010 This double-sided map has taken longer than expected to come into print, but we think that the wait is worthwhile. Sumatra is the large island west of Java, and extends our detailed mapping of Indonesia by providing a vibrant map of a beautiful but earthquake-prone part of the Indonesian archipelago. Due to its shape and setting, the map also includes Singapore and the southern portion of the Malay peninsula. The two main access points to Sumatra are by ferry from Singapore via Batum Island, and from Java, or by air. This map also extends our islands of the world series, which includes Borneo, Bali/Lombok, Java, and New Guinea (in preparation). Touristically, Sumatra is not well-known, so is ideal for experienced travelers to explore. The island offers several hot springs, royal palaces, colonial towns, and national parks. The map also includes generous inset maps of Medan, Padang, and Palembang. Printed on paper, double-sided.