Syria Footprint Handbook - Guía de viaje de Siria

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Footprint Syria Handbook.

Guía de viaje de Siria.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Jess Lee.
Rústica, 384 páginas.
Abril 23, 2010.
ISBN13: 9781907263033.
With its vast ruins spread out over desert sands and fairytale castles perched on hilltops Syria groans under a weight of monuments that few other countries can match. In the cities, thread your way deep enough into the belly of the souks and it's as if the clocks stopped a few centuries back. Get lost in the Old City of Damascus or wander the labyrinth streets of Aleppo where the smell of spices scent the air. Get to grips with the country's Byzantine towns and lavish Roman ruins whilst sipping tea with the locals, whose hospitality is renowned. With author recommendations and detailed listings on the best meze, local hangouts and where to sleep, plus the necessary information on how to get around Footprint's 1st edition guide is the perfect companion to this beguiling country.