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The GR5 Trail.
Through the French Alps: Lake Geneva to Nice.
Sendero GR5. A través de los Alpes Franceses: Desde el lago Lemán hasta Niza.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Paddy Dillon.
2ª edición.
Publicado 11 Abril 2008.
Páginas 192.
Dimensiones 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm.
Seasons: Mid-June to mid-September, when huts will close. Centres: Thonon, Evian and St Gingolph on Lake Léman (Geneva), Chamonix, Landry, Modane, Briançon, Ceillac, St Etienne-de Tinée, Nice Difficulty: A solid 4-week trek through high alpine terrain. Needs stamina and mountain sense. Paths and waymarkings are good. Must See: One of the great treks - great days, constantly changing mountain views, huts, alpine pastures and valleys.
The GR5, or ''Grande Traversée des Alpes'', is one of the most spectacular and civilised mountain trails in the world. It runs from the shores of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman), over the French Alps, to the reach the Mediterranean coastline at Nice. The route measures 674km (420 miles) and can be covered in a month, or it can be split over a series of summer trips to prolong the enjoyment. The guide includes interesting and scenic variant routes, including the stunning GR55 through the Vanoise National Park and the exciting GR52 through the Mercantour National Park.

A completely new edition of this best-selling guide.
Includes daily stages, timings, ascents and descents.
Incorporates full-colour mapping and gradient profiles.
Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs throughout.
Details all the facilities and services from start to finish.
Everything you need to follow the route with confidence.

The GR5 runs from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean at Nice through the whole of the French alpine chain. 660km (400 miles) and takes about a month. Crosses the Chabalais, Mont Blanc region, Vanoise, skirts the Ecrins, through the Queyras, southern alps and Alpes Maritime.