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The Pilgrim Road to Nidaros.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
El camino de San Olav: De Oslo a Trondheim.
Autor: Alison Raju.
1ª edición.
Publicado 1 de Marzo 2002.
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Seasons: Mid-May to mid-September. There may be snow left on the higher sections even in July and August, but the route should be fine. Centres: Starts Oslo, ends Nidaros (Trondheim). Route runs through Hamar, Lillehammer, Hundorp, Sel, Oppdal.Difficulty: A long trek, needing most of a month. Includes high plateaux, but well waymarked. You need to take care of your body over several weeks. Main difficulty may be Norweigan prices.Must See: From the bright lights of Oslo, through wild landscape and small towns and villages to the magnificent Nidaros Cathedral commemorating one of Norway’s fathers.

Further Reading A walker''s guide to the 643km medieval pilgrim road from Oslo to Nidaros (Trondheim) Cathedral, where Saint Olav (king of Norway, and responsible for much of the conversion of the country to Christianity) was buried. His shrine was the focus not only of many miracles but also of the fourth most important pilgrim route in Europe after Rome, Jerusalem and Santiago de Compostela, and from the tenth century until the Reformation it attracted pilgrims not only from Norway and the rest of Scandinavia but from Russia, the Baltic countries, Germany and Britain as well. Cleared and waymarked in 1997 the route has been ''rediscovered'', and is being actively promoted as a walking pilgrim path.

This is the only guide to the route in English. As well as giving directions for walking the route, the book also provides information on places of interest along the way, the history of the pilgrimage, a list of suggestions for further reading and a glossary of geographical and useful terms.

St Olav was the Norwegian king responsible for the conversion of the country to Christianity around 1000AD, and his grave at Nidaros near Trondheim has been a site for pilgrimage ever since. This pilgrim road from Oslo to Nidaros follows a magnificent 643km, one-month trek along the west coast of Norway.