The Times Concise Atlas of the World - Atlas del mundo

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Collins / The Times
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The Times Concise Atlas of the World 11th edition.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Formato: Tapa dura con estuche.
Páginas: 448.
130.000 referencias.
Tamaño: 35 x 26,4 cm.
ISBN: 978-0-00-731199-6.
11ª edición, publicado setiembre 2009.
Probablemente el mejor y más completo atlas del mundo que existe en el mercado. La primera edición fue editada en 1895 y desde entonces se han publicado 12 ediciones. En la actualidad el atlas está disponible en 7 tamaños diferentes.

A fully revised eleventh edition of this major world atlas in the authoritative and prestigous Times range. Whether planning a vacation, keeping in touch with world news, solving quizzes and crosswords or just exploring the world this atlas has all the information you need.

A completely updated edition of this major atlas in the prestigious Times range making it a valuable addition to any reference collection. 260 pages of mapping provide an amazingly detailed view of the world, and the illustrated thematic content covers the most important geographical issues of the day.

The following new features have been added to the atlas -
- 24 pages of satellite images.
- 20 pages of historical mapping.
- New mapping page of Alaska.

For the first time the atlas also includes unique features to Times atlases including
- Abandoned settlements.
- Historical outlines of large lakes and sea ice extent for north and south pole.

Beautifully designed and produced in the same style as the Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World with gold slipcase and cloth spine.