The UK Trailwalker's Handbook - Guía senderista del Reino Unido

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The UK Trailwalker's Handbook.
Guía senderista del Reino Unido.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: The Long Distance Walkers' Association.
Rústica - Laminada.
ISBN 9781852845797.
Publicado 11 Noviembre 2009.
1ª edición.
Tamaño: 21.0 x 14.8 x 2.2 cm.
Páginas 384.
The UK Trailwalker’s Handbook is a directory of long-distance paths (LDPs) in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compiled by the Long Distance Walkers’ Association (LDWA), covering 730 national trails, long-distance paths and anytime challenges, with regional overview maps and an index of walking guide publishers and support companies.

day walking, backpacking, challenge events.
trails from all over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
routes for all levels of ability and experience, from 20 miles to 850 miles, many with luggage-carrying services available!
Must See:
too many to list here - but the best stretches of route from each region are highlighted at the beginning of each section, to help you choose.
The UK has a network of long-distance trails unrivalled anywhere in the world, currently covering 60,000 miles of footpath and growing steadily. Millions of people walk along them every year – some walking a complete route, some just walking a stretch on holiday, at weekends or even as part of their daily commute. Combining exercise, challenge and exploration with minimal impact on the environment, little cost and a real benefit to local communities, trailwalking is hard to beat.

But where are all these trails and what are they like? How do you find one that suits you and fits into the time that you have available? What maps, guidebooks or websites do you need and where can you find them? Is there anyone who runs a ‘sherpa’ service?

These questions and many more are answered by this eighth edition of The UK Trailwalker’s Handbook. Compiled by the experts of the Long Distance Walkers’ Association, the Handbook is a comprehensive directory of all the recognised long-distance routes across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Combining descriptions of hundreds of waymarked trails with inspirational articles, photographs and maps this book has all the information you need to select the best route from 730 across the UK.

Whether you’re a recreational walker or walk organiser, planning your first backpacking adventure or your fiftieth, this book will prove indispensable, providing inspiration and information for many a successful trip.