The Wine Travel Guide to the World - Guía de viaje de vinos

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The Wine Travel Guide to the World.

Guía de viaje de los vinos del mundo.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Robert Joseph.
Edición: 1.
ISBN: 9781904777854.
Mapas: 25.
Publicado: Noviembre 2006
Pàgines: 384.

The first of its kind, this groundbreaking guide to the wines of the world in specifically written with travellers who enjoy wine in mind. It is a journey through the rambling tendrils and dark cellars of the world's great vineyards, providing the history of each region, tasting tips, wine recommendations, soil and grape information. Renowned wine author and journalist, Robert Joseph, has compiled a delightful selection of the best wine experiences from around the world.

  • Wine conoissuer Robert Joseph is a prolific wine writer
  • The guide is not solely about vineyards and wineries, it also includes a wide range of recommended wine-focused restaurants and bars in most of the world's major cities
  • Detailed and thoroughly researched this guide is perfect for anyone with a love of wine