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Through the Italian Alps. A través de los Alpes italianos.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
La GTA ? Grande Traversata delle Alpi.
Autor: Gillian Price.
1ª edición.
26 Mayo 2005.
208 páginas.
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm.
Seasons: Late June to mid-September. There may be some spring snow early on, but the treks goes from south to north so this is minimised. Centres: Starts Viozene north of Genoa, finishes near Monte Rosa. Visits no main towns but public transport to Turin then Aosta always possible to leave the route. Difficulty: At 630km (400 miles) split into 47 stages it is a long way and passes through some tough but rewarding alpine terrain. Can be split for those with less time. A stern undertaking. Must See: Argentera, Monte Viso, the Gran Paradiso and the south faces of the Pennine Alps. Crosses half a dozen national parks and nature reserves.
This immensely rewarding 46-day long-distance route across the western Italian Alps is an exciting proposition, taking in a remarkable kaleidoscope of traditional cultures combined with breathtaking landscapes punctuated by the landmark stone giants such as the Argentera, Monviso and Gran Paradiso. Starting a mere stone''s throw from the Mediterranean, the GTA (Grande Traversata delle Alpi) curves its way high over the fertile Piedmont plain traversing the Ligurian, Maritime, Cottian, Graian and Pennine Alps, heading northwards to a brilliant conclusion near the base of Monte Rosa and its spilling glaciers. A network of hospitable high-altitude refuges alternated with village-based hostels and comfortable inns guarantee walkers memorable meals and a good night''s rest. The sole requisites for potential trekkers are a taste for adventure and average fitness; no special mountaineering expertise is necessary. Excellent public transport links make multiple shorter chunks feasible to fit in with individual holiday requirements. This unforgettable alpine experience is finally available to English-speaking walkers!