Through the Spanish Pyrenees GR11 - Guía Montañera Pirineos

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Through the Spanish Pyrenees GR11.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Un camino de largo recorrido ?la Senda?. Guía de Trekking.
Autor: Paul Lucia.
3ª edición.
1 Junio 2004.
256 páginas.
47 mapas, 91 fotos.
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm.
Seasons: June to September. Snow may close passes in May; winter comes in October. Centres: Facilites are available at many villages along the route but there are no big towns. Access by air to airports on French or Spanish sides, or by train. Difficulty: It''s a long way, 46 days, 840km, with nearly 40,000m of ascent and descent. Be fit and take it steady. Look out for summer thunderstorms, especially when high. Must See: The Basque country, the Ordesa Canyon, Monte Perdido, the Maladeta range, Andorra, the Mediterranean!
In recent years the mountain organisations and authorities in the administrative districts of Guipuzxoa, Navarra, Aragón, Andorra and Cataluña have got together with local villagers to arrange the waymarking of a coast to coast (Atlantic to Mediterranean) long-distance footpath through the Pyrenees on the Spanish side. Designated the Gran Recorrido 11, GR11 for short, it mirrors the French counterpart GR10. This has opened up miles of waymarked footpaths and tracks in an ever-changing environment, often in remote and high area, to numerous enthusiastic walkers of many nationalities, though the vastness swallows them up so that those seeking solitude will also not be disappointed.

The GR11 is now a truly high quality, high-level mountain trail, affectionately known as ''La Senda'' (The Track). A combination of spectacular high peaks, glistening tarns, deep green valleys and expanses of wild beauty as yet unseen by many visitors make the range an excellent choice for the adventurous walker - in addition to a moderate climate and easy access.

Paul Lucia has been exploring the Pyrenees for many years. He has extensively updated this second edition of the GR11 guide with revised maps, tables and profiles, accommodation details and route descriptions. This guide will meet the needs of walkers either on day trips or on longer expeditions.