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Tibet Panorama.

Autor: Jaroslav Poncar.
ISBN: 9783898233491.
Tamaño: 25 x 17 cm.
Tapa dura.
120 páginas con 50 fotos color panorámicas a doble página.
Con textos en Alemán, Inglés, Francés, Español e Italiano.
With a text in German, Englisch, French, Spanish and Italian.
The photographs of Tibet by the Asia specialist Jaroslav Poncar have today become classics. Following the illustrated volumes in the XXL format and the Bibliothek, we now present the unique panorama photographs of the roof of the world in this format. Poncar toured the Himalayan region from end to end in the course of several journeys to record the breathtaking landscapes and the life of the nomads and inhabitants of the towns.
Designed by Edition Panorama and Marcus Bela Schmitt.