Torres del Paine - Guía de trekking / Senderismo - Chile

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Torres del Paine. Trekking in Chile's Premier National Park.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Rudolf Abraham.
ISBN 9781852845933.
Publicado 10 Agosto 2010.
1ª edición.
Tamaño: 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.6 cm.
Páginas 192.
Guide book to treks at the southern tip of the Andes in Chile and Patagonia, with emphasis on low-impact trekking. Routes include the Torres del Paine Circuit (10-11 days), Half Circuit (4-5 days) and other 2-day treks: Laguna Verde, Rio Pingo and Laguna Azul. Many other routes and information on mountain refuges and how to link routes together.

December–April. January–February is high season, when most visitors arrive, so can be a little crowded. Overall March is best.
Puerto Natales is the gateway to Torres del Paine, and also the base for short trips to the Balmaceda Glacier and Sierra Baguales. There are multiple bases in the national park itself.
No technical difficulties, but the Torres del Paine Circuit is a long and, at times, remote undertaking from which there is no convenient exit point half way through. Sudden changes in weather, gale force winds and torrential rain can turn it into a far more difficult undertaking.
Must See
The magnificent granite spires of the ‘towers’ (Torres), and distinctive, banded form of the ‘horns’ (Cuernos); vast glaciers (Grey, Tyndall and Dickson) spilling out from the largest sheet of ice in the southern hemisphere outside Antarctica; beautifully unspoilt southern beech or lenga forest; rich and varied animal and birdlife; remote valleys and immense, cloud–streaked skies.


Geography and geology
Wildlife and plants
History and culture
Early exploration and mountaineering
Food and drink
Getting to Chile
Transport within Chile
Agencies and tour operators
Visas and arrival
Money and costs
Keeping in touch
About this guide
Trekking in Torres del Paine national park
Refugios, campsites and hotels
Transport to and around the park
Other activities in the park
Low-impact trekking
What to do in an emergency

Torres del Paine national park, Chile

Walk 1: Torres del Paine circuit (the ‘O’)
Stage 1. CONAF Administración – Refugio Paine Grande
Stage 2. Refugio Paine Grande – Campamento Italiano
Stage 3. Campamento Italiano – Valle Francés (return)
Stage 4. Campamento Italiano – Refugio Las Torres
Stage 5. Refugio Las Torres – Campamento Torres
Stage 6. Campamento Torres – Mirador Las Torres (return)
Stage 7. Campamento Torres – Campamento Japonés (return)
Stage 8. Campamento Torres – Refugio Las Torres
Stage 9. Refugio Las Torres – Campamento Serón
Stage 10. Campamento Serón – Refugio Dickson
Stage 11. Refugio Dickson – Campamento Los Perros
Stage 12. Campamento Los Perros – Campamento Paso
Stage 13. Campamento Paso – Refugio Grey
Stage 14. Refugio Grey – Refugio Paine Grande

Walk 2: Torres del Paine half-circuit (the ‘W’)
Stage 1. Refugio Las Torres – Mirador Las Torres (return)
Stage 2. Refugio Las Torres – Campamento Italiano
Stage 3. Campamento Italiano – Valle Francés (return)
Stage 4. Campamento Italiano – Refugio Grey
Stage 5. Refugio Grey – Refugio Paine Grande

Walk 3: Salto Grande and Mirador Los Cuernos

Walk 4: Puente Weber

Walk 5: Mirador Lago Toro and Laguna Verde

Walk 6: Mirador Cóndor

Walk 7: Río Pingo and Mirador Zapata
Stage 1. Guardería Lago Grey – Campamento Zapata
Stage 2. Campamento Zapata – Mirador Zapata (return)
Stage 3. Campamento Zapata – Guardería Lago Grey

Other walks within the national park
Laguna Amarga – Portería Sarmiento
Laguna Azul and trail to Lago Dickson

Excursions from Puerto Natales
Excursion 1. Cueva del Milodón
Excursion 2. Balcameda and Serrano glaciers
(Bernard O’Higgins national park)
Excursion 3. Sierra Baguales

Los Glaciares national park, Argentina
Excursion from El Calafate
Excursion 4. Perito Moreno glacier
Walk 8: Cerro Fitzroy (El Chaltén) and Cerro Torre
Stage 1. El Chaltén – Campamento Agostini
Stage 2. Campamento Agostini – Campamento Poincenot
Stage 3. Campamento Poincenot – Laguna de los Tres (return)
Stage 4. Campamento Poincenot – Laguna Piedas Blancas (return)
Stage 5. Campamento Poincenot – El Chaltén
APPENDIX A: Gateway towns and cities
Puerto Natales
Punta Arenas
APPENDIX B: Accommodation within Torres del Paine national park
APPENDIX C: Language notes and glossary
APPENDIX D: Contacts and online resources
APPENDIX E: Further reading

Colourful houses in the old town of Valparaíso, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Balmaceda glacier and Last Hope Sound, Bernardo O’Higgins national park

Lago Toro and Mata Barrosa (Mulinum spinosum)

Cuernos del Paine

Peaks above Glacier Grey, Torres del Paine national park