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Travel Photography.
Guía de fotografía de viaje.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Steve Davey.
Edición: 1.
ISBN: 978 1 906098 42 1.
Publicado: Octubre 2008.
Páginas: 320.
Want to capture images of immense festivals and endangered wildlife or, perhaps, take the best photo when bungy jumping or underwater? Travel Photography provides the know-how on these experiences, plus many more. This first- ever photography guide from Footprint is not only visually striking and inspiring but it also provides comprehensive advice, covering all the technical aspects of photography. It is also jammed packed with information and anecdotes on how photography can enhance your travel experience, giving the opportunity to come home with both fantastic memories and stunning images.

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Areas Covered:

In-depth background on all relevant technical aspects of photography.
Both digital and film formats covered.
Information on how you can use photography to enhance your travel experience.
Anecdotes, tips and inspirational tales from Steve’s many years on the road.
Whether escaping to the city lights of Paris or trekking deep into the jungles of Malaysia or the deserts of Namibia, this guide provides the inspiration and tools for every budding travel photographer.