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Walking in the French Alps: GR5 - Hiking Guide - Cicerone

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Walking the French Alps: GR5.
Lake Geneva to Nice. Trekking Guidebook.
Language: ENGLISH.
Author: Martin Collins.
2nd edition.
1 May 2004.
160 pages.
8 maps, 39 photos.
17.2 x 11.6 x 1.5 cm.
Seasons: Mid-June to mid-September, when huts will close.Centres: Thonon, Evian and St Gingolph on Lake LÚman (Geneva), Chamonix, Landry, Modane, Brianšon, Ceillac, St Etienne-de TinÚe, Nice and the sea.Difficulty: A solid 4-week trek through high alpine terrain. Needs stamina and mountain sense. Paths and waymarkings are good. Must See: One of the great treks - great days, constantly changing mountain views, huts, alpine pastures and valleys. Description Contents Introduction Sample Route Maps Fully updated second edition prepared in 2000. The previous edition has been the best-selling and leading guide to the route for many years.

Extensively illustrated with maps, and black and white and colour photos.

One of the world''s leading long-distance trails, through the Alps from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean - a mere 660km (400 miles).