Trekking in Ladakh

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Trekking in Ladakh.

Language: ENGLISH.
Author: Radek Kucharski.
A complete guidebook to trekking in the Ladakh region, in north India. It gives detailed description of eight separate treks in multiple stages, and information on combinations and alternative routes. Ladakh is a remote, high-altitude environment where trekking is extremely challenging, but for adventurous trekkers it is the perfect destination. More...

Moderate to very demanding trekking.
Unlike other parts of the Himalayas, Ladakh is not normally hit by the Monsoon. Therefore summer (June to September) is the best trekking season.
Access is through Leh, the capital of Ladakh. The treks travel through towns and villages all over the Ladakh region, as well as the Zanskar sub-region and the Phukthal and Karsha monasteries.
High altitude, lack of lodges and restaurants as well as the remoteness of the region make trekking in Ladakh a rather challenging activity. Moderate to very demanding treks have been covered in the book. A number of local agencies can help organise the trip and make the trek much easier.
Must See
The rich Tibetan-style culture, remote mountains, high passes, serene monasteries and Ladakhi people. See K2 from the Kanji Pass. Cover the classic Darcha-Padum-Lamayuru trek. Trace snow leopards and venture up deep river gorges.

At the far north of India ? neighbouring Tibet, Kashmir and the Karakoram ? lies Ladakh. Known as "Little Tibet", this serene pocket of the Himalayas holds not only the harsh beauty of Tibet's landscape, but also a taste of its rich cultural and religious heritage. Trekking in Ladakh takes you across high mountain passes, up thundering river gorges, past Buddhist monasteries and elusive snow leopards and over snow-dusted plateaux.

Ladakh provides adventurous trekkers with a vast playground of wild and remote mountains to explore. This guidebook gives detailed descriptions of eight different treks across the Ladakh and Zanskar regions. Ranging from moderate difficulty to very demanding, each trek is broken down into multiple stages, and has information on available accommodation and access, as well as the many combinations and alternative routes open to exploration.

A trekker's dream; Ladakh receives few visitors, but beckons to adventurous trekkers who seek an unspoilt mountain challenge. The remote wilderness that draws wanderers to Ladakh also presents the trekker's greatest difficulty, as there are a limited number of villages, unsigned paths and the constant dangers of high altitude. This guidebook is an ideal companion to trekking in Ladakh, and offers crucial advice on the practicalities of trekking, environmental responsibility, safety in the mountains and preparation for altitude.

  • Illustrated with clear maps and inspirational photography
  • Eight stunning trails, accompanied by full route information
  • Information on preparation for a trek in the Himalayas, health issues and permits
  • Historical, religious and cultural background to the region