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Trekking in the Alps.

Trekking en los Alpes.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Kev Reynolds.
Publicado 18 Marzo 2011.
1ª Edición.
ISBN 9781852846008.
Tamaño 24.0 x 17.0 x 2.0 cm.
Páginas 256.
An inspirational walking guide to 20 summer treks in the European Alps in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France and Slovenia, by 8 Alpine trekking experts, including the classics such as the Tour of Mont Blanc and lesser-known routes like the Traverse of the Slovenian Alps. Illustrated with clear overview maps and route profiles throughout.

summer-only - from late June until the end of September
Chamonix, Zermatt, Grindelwald, Sargans, Brand, Briançon, Modane, Bourg d’Oisans, Neustift, Mayrhofen, Ormea, Bressanone, Lago di Braies, Kranjska Gora, La Thuile, Emosson
a wide range of difficulty and/or commitment, from mildly demanding to strenuous; on some treks glaciers are crossed which require the use of ice axe and rope
Must See
All the great Alpine regions and their peaks: Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, the Jungfrau, the Oisans, the Vanoise, the Queyras, Mont Ruan, the Stubai, the Zillertal, the Eastern Alps, Gran Paradiso, the Italian Alps, the Dolomites, the Rätikon and the Slovenian Alps
All the rich scenic diversity for which the Alps are renowned is celebrated here, while the 20 treks described include well-known classics as well as newly-created multi-day routes. The eight talented writers and photographers brought together to produce this book are among the most experienced of Alpine trekkers. Between them they have explored every corner of Europe’s premier mountain range, written dozens of guides and, in some cases, led trekking holidays there in order to share their enthusiasm for the Alps with other walkers. And that is the prime motivation for Trekking in the Alps – an inspiration and a celebration of the very best of these mountains. Best-known treks Tour of Mont Blanc; Tour of the Matterhorn; Tour of Monte Rosa; Walker’s Haute Route; Tour of the Jungfrau Region; Tour of the Vanoise; Dolomites AV 1 & 2 Longer trans-Alpine treks GR5 (Lake Geneva to Nice); Eastern Alps E5; Italian Alps GTA; Traverse of the Slovenian Alps For the Alpine adventurer Alpine Pass Route; Tour of the Oisans; Tour of the Queyras; Tour of Mont Ruan; Stubai High Route; Zillertal High Route; Gran Paradiso AV2; Rätikon Höhenweg

Overview Map

Grande Traversata delle Alpi

About the authors 8-9
Overview of routes 12
Introduction 15
About this book 19
Hut conventions 21
Advice for trekkers 21
When to go 23
Safety in the mountain 23
Words of greeting 24

The Treks

Trek 1 Grande Traversata delle Alpi: GTA – Gillian Price 26
Trek 2 Tour of the Queyras – Alan Castle 38
Trek 3 Tour of the Oisans – Kev Reynolds 48
Trek 4 Tour of the Vanoise – Kev Reynolds 58
Trek 5 Gran Paradiso Alta Via 2 – Gillian Price 68
Trek 6 Tour of Mont Blanc – Kev Reynolds 78
Trek 7 GR5: Through the French Alps – Paddy Dillon 88
Trek 8 Tour of Mont Ruan – Hilary Sharp 102
Trek 9 The Walker’s Haute Route – Kev Reynolds 112
Trek 10 Alpine Pass Route – Kev Reynolds 124
Trek 11 Tour of the Jungfrau Region – Kev Reynolds 136
Trek 12 Tour of the Matterhorn – Hilary Sharp 148
Trek 13 Tour of Monte Rosa – Hilary Sharp 158
Trek 14 Tour of the Rätikon – Kev Reynolds 170
Trek 15 Across the Eastern Alps: E5 – Gillian Price 180
Trek 16 Stubai High-Level Route – Allan Hartley 194
Trek 17 Zillertal High-Level Route – Allan Hartley 204
Trek 18 Dolomites Alta Via 1 – Gillian Price 214
Trek 19 Dolomites Alta Via 2 – Gillian Price 224
Trek 20 Julian Alps Traverse – Roy Clark & Justi Carey 234

Appendix A Useful contacts 246
Appendix B Glossary for trekkers 247


GTA: Laghi della Valletta en route to Passo di Orgials (photo: Gillian Price)

Tour of the Queyras: Trekkers on GR58 about an hour out of Abriès (photo: Alan Castle)

The breathtaking sight of the Mont Blanc massif accompanies the final stage of the Gran Paradiso Alta Via 2 (photo: Gillian Price)

Tour of Mont Blanc: The steep slab section of trail below Le Brévent with Mont Blanc across the valley (photo: Kev Reynolds).

Tour of Mont Ruan: Checking the map above the Giffre valley (photo: Hilary Sharp)

Julian Alps Traverse: Looking west from the summit of Triglav (photo: Justi Carey and Roy Clark)