Trekking in the Zillertal Alps - Guía senderismo y montañismo

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Trekking in the Zillertal Alps.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
La ruta Zillertal Rucksack.
Autor: Allan Hartley.
1ª edición.
1 Junio 2003.
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Seasons: Mid-June to late September. There may be late snow on high passes until July. August is busiest, but village festivals add lots of fun and character.Centres: Mayrhofen at the start and end of the trek is the only real centre, although supplies can be obtained from huts en route.Difficulty: Ideal for first-time visitors to the Alps, particularly for families with children. The route can be extended in time and difficulty to include ascents of peaks, glacier crossings and rock scrambles.Must See: The ascent of the many peaks along the way which lie close to the huts, including the Ahornspitze and Grosser Loffler, and crossing the Floitenkees Glacier (all optional).
Located in the Austrian Tyrol of the eastern Alps spanning the Austrian?Italian border, the Zillertal embraces stunning green valleys headed by scores of shapely peaks of rock and snow. The beauty of the Zillertal cannot be overstated, with its superb scenery and excellent huts.

This guide describes the classic Zillertal Rucksack Route, which traverses the very best of the range. It links together eight huts along good tracks without having to cross glaciers, providing a continuous tour of around ten to twelve days.

En route the tour provides ample opportunity to climb some of the peaks adjacent to the huts. The route is ideal for groups of mixed ability and as a venue for that first alpine season as it avoids having to contend with the demands of the higher mountains of the western Alps. Whatever your aspirations the Zillertal will not disappoint you.