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Mapa turístico y de carreteras de Túnez. Túnez. Mapas detallados: Túnez 1:12 000, La Médina 1:6000, Túnez y región 1:100 000, Túnez Noreste 1:1 000 000, Ciudad deportiva 1:12 000, Túnez administrativo, Metro. Índice con calles, parques y hoteles, información turística. Resistente al agua. 66 x 49,4 cm. Escala 1:12.000. Idiomas: Varios.

Tunis 1:12 000, La Médina 1:6000, Tunis & Région 1:100 000, Tunisie Nord-Est 1:1 000 000, Cité Sportive 1:12 000, Tunisia administrative, Public Transport.

Our soft-laminated map of Tunis includes: Tunis 1:12 000, Cité Sportive 1:12 000, La Médina 1:6000, Tunis & Region 1:100 000, Tunisia North-East 1:1 000 000, public transport, Tunisia administrative with time zones; top 30 sights, statistics, conversion and climate chart.

The capital city of the Republic of Tunisia is situated in the Gulf of Tunis and is home to a vibrant Medina (old trade center with maze-like alleyways, where just about everything can be purchased). A fascinating history and old town visibly marked by invasions by Phoenicians (from Carthage, located nearby), Berbers, Roman, Ottomans, the French, among others, add to the charm of this very exotic place. Sights include palaces, mosques, mausoleums, and fascinating museums. This is a vibrant city worth visiting.