Turkmenistán, Tayikistán y Kirguistán - Mapa de viaje

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Mapa de Turkmenistan, Tayikistan y Kirguistan. Escala 1:1.100.000 / 1:1.300.000. Resistente al agua. Idiomas: Inglés.

ISBN: 9781553412854.
First Edition (2010). I am very pleased to announce the arrival of this double-side ‘paired’ map of three very interesting countries. ITMB has now mapped every country in Asia except Turkey, and that’s underway. The collapse of the Soviet Empire, when it occurred, happened so rapidly that no one was prepared for it. The various ‘Stans’ on the southern edge welcomed independence, and each has moved in its own direction ever since. This is a map of three separate courtiers. On one side sits Turkmenistan, a large, desert like country on the northern border of Afghanistan and Iran. We have included a good inset map of Ashgabat, the capital. On the other side of the sheet, we have portrayed both Tajikistan and exotic Kyrgyzstan, two mountainous countries bordering China and Pakistan. An inset map of Bishkek is included. This is an amazing map, if for no other reason that, eighteen years after their creation, this is the first map published of them as country maps.