Uruguay y Montevideo - Mapa de viaje, turístico y carreteras

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Mapa de Uruguay y Montevideo. Escala 1:800.000 / 1:10.000. Idioma: Inglés. ISBN: 9781553414544.

Uruguay and Montevideo Travel Reference Map.
3rd Ed. 2010 1:800,000/1:10,000 Uruguay is a small country by South American standards, but its compactness also means that everything is accessible and from a traveller’s perspective, visitable in a reasonable amount of time. It is also very ‘European’ in its culture, cuisine, and people. This is our third version of the country and this edition updates information and changes the data base language to a more modern version, giving greater clarity to the line work and emphasizing place names. The Montevideo map on the reverse side has been updated, and inset maps of Colonia and Punta del Este have been added. Printed on paper.