Venezuela - Guía de viaje - The Bradt Travel guide

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Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Russell Maddicks.
ISBN: 9781841622996.

Venezuela occasionally features in world news in connection with its rich oil resources, its obsession with beauty pageants, its outspoken and colourful president, Hugo Chávez, or the world's highest waterfall – and little else. However, beyond the headlines, this beautiful and diverse country has so much more to offer to all types of visitors – hiking the 'Lost World' landscape of Conan Doyle, piranha-fishing from dugout canoes, paragliding from Andean peaks and windsurfing on Margarita Island. Taking travellers to the wildest of fiestas, inside the steamiest salsa bars and introducing visitors to the quirkiest of local customs, Bradt's Venezuela leads tourists from the Caribbean coast to the southern tropical wilderness, delving into the culture and eccentricities of the country more deeply than any other guide.

  • A stronger focus on ecotourism and wildlife watching than any other guide
  • Packed with information on tailor-made tours, from jungle river canoe trips to horse-riding with cowboys on the vast Los Llanos plains
  • Emphasis on responsible tourism, highlighting Merida's successful Mucuposadas scheme

  • Table of Contents

      • Introduction
    • Part One: General Information
      • Background Information
        • Geography, Climate, Fauna and flora, History, Government and politics, Economy, The people, Language, Religion, Education, Culture, Sport, Natural history
      • Practical Information
        • When to visit, Highlights and itineraries, Tour operators, Red tape, Embassies and consulates, Getting there and away, Health, Safety, What to take, Money and budgeting, Getting around, Accommodation, Eating and drinking, Public holidays and festivals, Shopping, Arts and entertainment, Photography, Media and communications, Solo traveller’s, Business, Cultural dos and don’ts, Giving something back
      • National parks
        • Environmental NGOs, Birding and special interest sports
    • Part Two: The Guide
      • Caracas
        • Maiquetía airport, Getting around, Exploring Caracas by metro, Where to stay, Where to eat, What to do, Shopping, Money, Security, Communications, Visiting El Avila mountain, Beyond the city
      • Central Coast and Colonia Tovar
        • The central coast, La Guaira, historic port, Macuto, Naiguatá, Los Caracas, East to Chuspa, Chirimena to Carenero, Colonia Tovar to western coves, Colonia Tovar to the sea
      • Los Roques, Morrocoy, Mochima
        • The Robinson Crusoe experience, Parque Nacional Archipelago Los Roques, Parque National Morrocoy, Parque Nacional Mochima
      • Margarita Island
        • Caribbean island, Getting there and away, Getting around, Information, What to do, Porlamar, Pampatar, El Valle del Espíritu Santo, La Asunción, Cerro El Copey National Park, East coast beaches, Santa Ana and craft villages, Juangriego and Northwest coast, La Restinga and Macanao Peninsula, Windsurfing in El Yaque, Coche and Cubagua
      • The Oriente Coast
        • Anzoátegui State, Sucre State, Araya Peninsula, East Sucre State, Paria National Park
      • Monagas and the Orinoco Delta
        • Caripe and the Guácharo cave, Around Caripe, Orinoco Delta
      • Los Llanos, wildlife paradise
        • Flora and fauna, Wildlife lodges and camps San Fernando de Apure, Cinaruco-Capanaparo Park, Barinas state
      • Bolívar State, Gran Sabana and Caura River
        • Ciudad Bolivar, Gran Sabana and Lost World of the tepuis, Canaima and Angel Falls, Santa Elena, Roraima trek, Caura River and Para Falls
      • Amazonas
        • Puerto Ayacucho, Up the Orinoco, To and from Brazil, To and from Colombia
      • Aragua and Carabobo
        • Maracay, Choroni and Chuao, Valencia, Carabobo hot Springs and beaches
      • Yaracuy, Maria Lionza and Lara
        • Yaracuy state and the Cult of Maria Lionza, Barquisimeto, The Quibor handicrafts route
      • Merida and The Andes
        • Páramos and peaks, Merida City, High sierras and mountain walks, Mucuposadas, Mystery of Catatumbo Lightning, Travel to/from Colombia
      • Falcón and Zulia
        • Colonial Coro and the Medanos, Paraguaná Peninsula, Sierra de San Luis, Maracaibo, Western Zulia, The east lake coast
    • Appendices
      • Language
      • Further Reading
      • Index
    • Additional Content
      • List of Maps
        • Venezuela, Caracas: routes and districts, Caracas Metro, Caracas centre: El Centro, Avila National Park, Colonia Tovar, Colonia Tovar area, Los Roques Archipelago, Gran Roque, Falcón - Yaracuy - Carabobo, Morrocoy National Park, Mochima National Park, Margarita Island, Porlamar, Juangriego, Lecherías, El Morro and Puerto La Cruz, Araya, Carupano & Caripe, Cumaná, Paria Peninsula, Monagas region, Caripe & Guacharo Cave, Orinoco Delta, Los Llanos, Ciudad Bolivar, Canaima: Angel Falls area, Gran Sabana, Roraima & Santa Elena, Santa Elena de Uairén, Caura River & Para Falls, Amazonas State, Puerto Ayacucho region, Carabobo and Aragua, Maracay, Valencia, Valencia: historic centre, Mérida, Laguna Mucubaji & Pico El Aguia, West Falcón & Paraguaná, Coro, Coro: colonial centre, Zulia, Maracaibo, Maracaibo: historic centre.