Venice & The Veneto - Venecia y el Veneto - Guía de viaje

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Venice & The Veneto City Guide.

Venecia y el Véneto.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
6ª edición / Febrero 2010.
ISBN: 9781741792300.
300 páginas / 20 páginas a color / 27 mapas.
Alison Bing.
Impossibly beautiful, hovering like a dream above its lagoon, fragile and utterly bewitching: Venice exhausts the superlatives. And if by chance you should weary of its charms, you could always try the art-crammed Padua or stroll the green-rushing river of Verona.

  • Includes pull-out map
  • One author, 504 days of research, 25 maps, 2016 dining experiences
  • Top tips on enjoying Venice responsibly, from locally sourced gourmet meals to unique artisanal crafts
  • Insider views from an avantgarde shoemaker, glass designer and master chef-sommelier