Walking in Abruzzo - Guía senderista de los Abruzos - Italia

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Walking in Abruzzo.

Excursiones por los Abruzos.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Stuart Haines.
Rústica - Laminada.
Publicado 14 Julio 2011.
1ª edición.
ISBN 9781852845766.
Tamaño 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.3 cm.
Páginas 192.
First English-language guide to walking in Abruzzo, in the Apennine mountains centred on Sulmona and between L’Aquila and Castel de Sangro, one of Italy's wildest regions with 3 national parks and 1 regional park. 30 day and half-day walks including an ascent of Como Grande, on Gran Sasso, the highest point in Italy outside the Alps.

most routes are accessible from May until October; summer can be hot but late snows may extend the season till November; spring can be perfect for the lower routes. Centres
Sulmona is central and well located for all parks; L’Aquila is in the north and Castel di Sangro the south Difficulty
walks are graded – 1 is a straightforward wander that may involve a climb, 2 is suitable for a fit walker with reasonable experience of the hills and 3 is for those comfortable with mountain conditions, exposure and route finding Must See
the highest and most remote part of the Apennine mountains of central Italy; rare wildlife; beautiful hilltop villages; tranquil forested valleys; rugged peaks; memorable eating and wonderful walking!

Geological history
Human history
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Walking in Abruzzo
When to go
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The Maiella National Park

1 Fara San Martino Gorge and Val Serviera
2 The Hermitage of San Bartolomeo di Legio
3 Monte Morrone from Passo San Leonardo
4 The Orfento Valley
5 Caramanico and the Orfento Gorge
6 Monte Amaro from Lama Biancha
7 Monte Amaro from La Maielletta
8 Monte Porrara Ridge

The Gran Sasso National Park

9 Monte Prena and Monte Camicia
10 Santo Stefano and Rocca Calascio
11 The West Peak of Corno Grande
12 Monte Bolza Ridge
13 Pietracamela and Prati di Tivo
14 Monte Corvo and the Val Chiarino
15 Monte di Mezzo Circuit from Campotosto

The Abruzzo National Park

16 Villetta Barrea and Civitella Alfedena
17 The Val di Rose
18 Anversa degli Abruzzi and Castrovalva
19 La Terrata
20 The Scanno Town and Lake Loop
21 Monte Marsicano
22 Pescasseroli and Opi Circuit
23 Monte Mattone from Pettorano sul Gizio
24 Monte Genzana
25 A Tour of the Valle del Gizio

The Sirente-Velino Regional Park

26 Monte Sirente
27 The Celano Gorge via Fonte degli Innamorati
28 Monte Velino
29 Fontecchio and Pagliare di Tione
30 The Navelli Plain

Appendix A Route summary table
Appendix B Further access information
Appendix C Italian–English glossary
Appendix D Useful contacts and further information

The Orfento valley in early Spring

Corno Grande across Campo Imperatore


Lago di Scanno.

Opi church

The depths of Celano Gorge