Walking in Bulgaria's National Parks - Guía de trekking

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Walking in Bulgaria's National Parks.

Senderimo por los Parques Nacionales de Bulgaria. Idioma: INGLÉS. Autor: Julian Perry. Cubierta: Rústica - PVC. ISBN 9781852845742. Publicado 20 Gener 2010. 1ª edición. Tamaño 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.9 cm. Páginas 256. A guide to walking and trekking in Bulgaria, Europe – in the Pirin, Rila and Central Balkan national parks. 12 two to three-day routes are described including ascents of Musala and Vihren, Bulgaria’s highest peaks, with comprehensive information about the rich and rare wildlife and plant life to be found. For fit and experienced mountain walkers. Seasons: snow can be a hindrance until the end of June; wildflowers at their peak in July; August and September have stable sunny weather; early October is great for photography; not safe in winter due to avalanche risk. Centres: Teteven, Divchovoto, Apriltsi, Troyan, Kalofer, Karlovo, Sevlievo, Kazanlak, Rila Monastery, Samokov, Malyovitsa, Govedartsi, Borovets, Kostenets, Bansko, Razlog and Melnik. Difficulty: walks are suitable for fit and experienced mountain walkers; long steep ascents and descents, often over rocks and boulders; most of the ridge walks require a good head for heights, especially the Koncheto crest and the ascent of Vihren. Must See: Ancient beech forests of the Boatin reserve; traverse of the Triglav massif; rock outcrops of the Sokolna reserve; Rila Monastery; Malyovitsa ridge walk; Musala (2925m); Melnik Pyramids; Rozhen Monastery; the Koncheto crest; Vihren (2914m); outstanding birdwatching; exceptional variety of butterflies.



Protected Territories
Travelling to Bulgaria
Travelling to the Mountains
Walking in Bulgaria
Food and Water
Mountain Rescue
About this Guidebook
Key Facts and Figures

Part 1 The Central Balkan National Park

Walk 1 The Boatin, Tsarichina and Kozya Stena Reserves
Walk 2 The Severen Dzhendem, Stara Reka and Steneto Reserves
Walk 3 The Dzhendema and Stara Reka Reserves
Walk 4 The Peeshtite Skali and Sokolna Reserves

Part 2 The Rila National Park

Walk 5 The Rila Monastery Nature Park and Forest Reserve
Walk 6 Sedemte Ezera and Zeleni Rid
Walk 7 The Central Rila Reserve
Walk 8 The Ibar Reserve

Part 3 The Pirin National Park

Walk 9 The Pirin Wine Trail
Walk 10 The Yulen Reserve
Walk 11 Mount Vihren
Walk 12 The Bayvuvi Dupki–Dzhindzhiritsa Reserve and Koncheto
Appendix 1 Route Summary Table
Appendix 2 English–Bulgarian Glossary and Pronunciation Guide
Appendix 3 Further Reading
Appendix 4 Mountain Huts and Other Useful Contacts