Walking in Hungary - Guía de Trekking / Senderismo - Hungria

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Walking in Hungary.
Excursiones por Hungria.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
32 rutas por zonas elevadas.
Autor: Tom Chrystal & Beáta Dósa.
1ª edición.
1 Julio 2003.
256 páginas.
A complete, full-colour guide, with 32 wallking routes throughout upland Hungary.

Most visitors are unaware of Hungary''s secret highland landscape of rolling hills, high karst meadows, vineyards, crags, castles and villages. The volcanic mountains and limestone plateaux stretch in a chain from the Slovakian border to central-west and southern Hungary.

The ancient trails of the country are now a network of walking paths with a good system of coloured waymarks. The guide gives a fascinating insight into the history and geography of the country, as well as supplying tips on walking in the countryside, and a list of useful words and phrases.