Walking on La Gomera and El Hierro - Guía senderista

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Walking on La Gomera and El Hierro.

Senderismo en La Gomera y El Hierro.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Paddy Dillon.
Publicado 24 Diciembre 2010.
2ª edición. ISBN 9781852846015.
Walking guide to La Gomera and El Hierro, in the Canaries, with day walks and long-distance trails including Camino de La Virgen, GR132 around La Gomera and part of GR131 across the Canary Islands. Routes in Garajonay National Park and from San Sebastien and Valverde. Rugged mountain treks, coastal walks and easier expeditions.

best between November and May, as the summer months are too hot, but it can sometimes be damp and misty on the higher parts; spring is especially colourful
on La Gomera - San Sebastian, Playa de Santiago, Chipude, Valle Gran Rey, Vallehermoso, Hermigua on El Hierro - Valverde, El Pinar, La Restinga, El Frontera
routes vary from short, level and easy to long, steep and strenuous; almost all routes are waymarked and signposted, and no special equipment is required
Must See
on La Gomera - Alto de Garajonay, Garajonay national park, laurisilva ‘cloud forest’, deep and rugged barrancos, GR131, GR132 on El Hierro - Malpaso, World Bisosphere Reserve, Camino de La Virgen, GR131, volcanic cones

The two smallest of the Canary Islands are no less rugged than their volcanic neighbours, offering a wide variety of little-known walking terrain from steep-sided barrancos and dramatic cliffs to the gentler slopes inland cloaked in laurasilva and pine forests.

The waymarked trails described in this new guide include easy strolls and hands-on scrambles, day walks and long-distance routes including the GR132 and parts of the GR131 which runs the whole length of the archipelago.

  • 45 routes described with clear contour mapping
  • full background information on both islands
  • the second in a five-book series of guides to the Canaries

  • Introduction
    National Parks
    The Fortunate Isles
    Getting there
    When to go
    Health and safety
    Food and drink
    Walking on La Gomera and El Hierro
    What to take
    Waymarking and access
    Using this guide

    La Gomera
    Getting there
    Getting around
    Food and drink
    Tourist information offices
    Walk 1 San Sebastián and Jaragán
    Walk 2 Los Roques and La Laja
    Walk 3 Risco de la Fortaleza
    Walk 4 Los Roques and Benchijigua
    Walk 5 Pajaritos to Playa de Santiago
    Walk 6 Chipude and Barranco de Argaga
    Walk 7 Chipude and La Matanza
    Walk 8 La Laguna Grande and Alto de Garajonay
    Walk 9 El Cercado and Valle Gran Rey
    Walk 10 Las Hayas, Arure and Valle Gran Rey
    Walk 11 Vallehermoso to Chorros de Epina
    Walk 12 Vallehermoso and Cumbre de Chijeré
    Walk 13 Vallehermoso and Los Loros
    Walk 14 Vallehermoso and El Tión
    Walk 15 Tamargada and Vallehermoso
    Walk 16 Hermigua and Aguló
    Walk 17 Alto de Garajonay to Hermigua
    Walk 18 Santa Catalina and La Caleta
    Walk 19 GR 132: San Sebastián to Playa de Santiago
    Walk 20 GR 132: Playa de Santiago to La Dama
    Walk 21 GR 132: La Dama to Arure
    Walk 22 GR 132: Arure to Vallehermoso
    Walk 23 GR 132: Vallehermoso to Hermigua
    Walk 24 GR 132: Hermigua to San Sebastián
    Walk 25 GR 132.1: Igualero to La Dama
    Walk 26 GR 131: Playa de Vallehermoso to Chipude
    Walk 27 GR 131: Chipude to San Sebastián

    El Hierro
    Getting there
    Getting around
    Food and drink
    Tourist information offices
    Walk 28 Valverde and La Caleta
    Walk 29 Valverde and Puerto de la Estaca
    Walk 30 Valverde, Echedo and El Mocanal
    Walk 31 Valverde to La Peña
    Walk 32 La Peña, San Andrés and El Mocanal
    Walk 33 Puerto de la Estaca, La Cuesta and Tiñor
    Walk 34 Mirador de Isora and Las Playas
    Walk 35 El Pinar to Cala de Tacorón
    Walk 36 El Pinar to La Restinga
    Walk 37 Ermita de Los Reyes to El Pinar
    Walk 38 El Pinar to Sabinosa
    Walk 39 La Dehesa Circuit
    Walk 40 Sabinosa to El Frontera
    Walk 41 El Frontera and Los Llanillos
    Walk 42 Guinea and San Andrés
    Walk 43 Las Puntas and Guinea
    Walk 44 GR 131: Orchilla to Fuente de Llanía
    Walk 45 GR 131: Fuente de Llanía to Estaca/Tamaduste

    APPENDIX A Route summary table
    APPENDIX B Topographical glossary
    APPENDIX C Useful contacts

    The resistant volcanic stump of Roque de Agando towers over the Benchijigua valley (Walk 4)

    The higher parts of La Gomera and El Hierro catch the clouds, especially in the winter months

    The harbour at San Sebastián, with the rugged mountain of Jaragán rising far beyond

    Looking from the summit of Alto de Garajonay to the neighbouring summit of La Fortaleza

    A wonderful view of El Golfo can be enjoyed from La Peña, clouds permitting

    The church in the centre of Valverde, where several walking routes start and finish