Walking on Rum and the Small Isles

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Walking on Rum and the Small Isles.

Language: ENGLISH.
Author: Peter Edwards

A handy guidebook to walking and backpacking in the Western Isles of Scotland on Rum, Eigg, Muck, Canna, Coll and Tiree including a tough 55km backpack around the coast of Rum, a circuit of the Rum Cuillin and an ascent of An Sgurr (Eigg). 16 routes across all the islands suitable for a range of abilities exploring coasts, mountains and wilderness.

spring, early summer and early autumn are the best times as the weather is mildest and the midges are in abeyance; high summer is the busiest season and midges can be a nightmare on Rum; winter days are short and storms are frequent, but the solitary grandeur of the islands in winter weather is ample reward for the well-prepared walker.
Kinloch, Dibidil, Guirdil (Rum); Galmisdale, Cleadale (Eigg); Port Mòr (Muck); A'Chill (Canna); Arinagour (Coll); Scarinish, Balephetrish, Hynish (Tiree)
routes range from the challenging to the relatively undemanding; weather can change suddenly in the Hebrides - be prepared for wet, wild and windy conditions.
Must See
the Rum Cuillin, Kinloch Castle, Kilmory bay; An Sgurr and Cleadale on Eigg; Canna's cliffs and rock stacks; verdant landscape and sparkling shores of Muck; white sand bays and flower-carpeted machair of Coll and Tiree; wildlife, geological features and ancient monuments; stunning coastal landscapes
The Small Isles, and the nearby Hebridean twins Coll and Tiree, offer adventurous walkers a fine range of routes, from the jagged volcanic peaks of the Cuillin on Rum to the beaches, dunes and machair pastures of its lower-lying neighbours. Many of the walks follow sublime coastlines, dotted with striking geological formations and teeming with wildlife.

Easier routes on Rum, along long-established paths, explore the National Nature Reserve with opportunities to spot deer, golden eagles, feral goats and Rum ponies along the way, and detailed information is included on each island's history, geology, wildlife, plants and flowers to help walkers make the most of their experience.

This guide describes 16 routes across Rum, Eigg, Muck, Canna, Coll and Tiree, suitable for a wide range of abilities, and exploring coast, mountains and wilderness.

  • 15 day walks, including the Rum Cuillin, and one 3-day walk around the coast of Rum
  • illustrated with OS map extracts and inspirational photographs
  • with comprehensive information about travel, accommodation, equipment and other practicalities