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Walks and Treks in the Maritime Alps. Excursiones y Trekkings en los Alpes Marítimos. Idioma: INGLÉS. Autor: Gillian Price. Cubierta: Rústica - PVC. ISBN 9781852845643. Publicado 11 Febrero 2010. Tamaño: 17.2 x 11.6 x 1.7 cm. Páginas 224. The first English-language walking and trekking guide to the Maritime Alps, on the border of Italy and France. 18 walks and 6 treks including a 5-day traverse of the Parc National du Mercantour and a 7-day traverse of the Parco Naturale delle Alpi Marittime, written by Alpine expert Gillian Price. Great for novice walkers and seasoned trekkers. Seasons: Mid-June to late September is guaranteed for snow-free paths and open huts; July and August spell wildflowers galore; October means crystal-clear visibility and the whole place to yourself. Centres: France: Tende, Castérino, St-Martin-Vésubie, Le Boréon Italy: Terme di Valdieri, Entracque, Vernante. Difficulty: Something for everyone - from easy strolls along mountain streams on broad tracks, through to multi-day treks across arduous passes with elementary rock passages. Must See: Easy-to-see wildlife - magnficent ibex, chamois and marmots – and endemic wildflowers; high-altitude lakes (Fremamorta, Lac Nègre); Argentera, Gelas and Clapier all over 3000m; prehistoric rock engravings are visitable from Castérino; old-style spa resort Terme di Valdieri with paved tracks dating back to the 19th century royal game reserve; Col de Tende and Col de Fenestre.


The Maritime Alps
Rock Engravings
Exploring the Maritime Alps
When to Go
Dos and Don'ts
What to Take
Using this Guide

The walks

1 Fontanalba Rock Engravings Circuit
2 Mont Bégo Loop
3 Vallée de la Roya to Vallée de Vésubie Trek
4 Upper Vallée de la Gordolasque
5 Lacs de Prals Circuit
6 Ancient Passes above Madone de Fenestre
7 Vallon du Haut Boréon Circuit
8 Lacs Bessons
9 Around the Argentera
10 Lac des Adus Loop
11 The Great Lakes Tour
12 The Alpi Marittime Trek
13 The Valasco Tour
14 The Fremamorta Loop
15 Rifugio Bozano
16 Rifugio Remondino and Lago di Nasta
17 Vallone di Lourousa
18 Traversing Colle di Fenestrelle
19 Rifugio Pagari Loop
20 Vallon del Vei del Bouc
21 Gorge della Reina
22 Vallone degli Alberghi
23 Costa di Planard24 The Border Forts

Appendix 1

French–English and Italian–English Glossaries

Appendix 2

Walk Summary Table