Wildlife and Conservation Volunteering-Conservación de la Fauna

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Wildlife and Conservation Volunteering: The Complete Guide.
Fauna y voluntariado para la conservación: Guía completa.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Peter Lynch.
1ª edición.
208 páginas. 16 páginas de fotos a color. 1 mapa.
ISBN: 978-1-84162-275-0.
Conservation is at the forefront of public concern, and the conservation-volunteering market is booming. But how does one choose between the thousands of volunteer projects on offer? Bradt’s Wildlife and Conservation Volunteering: The Complete Guide is the first book that properly dissects this exploding industry. Exhaustive analysis from first hand experience and volunteer and management interviews takes a detailed look at some of the most active conservation volunteer organisations. Summarised results rate each organisation on factors such as credibility, organisation, cost, environmental impact, life in the field, safety and short and long-term achievements.This detailed audit is supplemented with background information on conservation and environmental issues, planning, preparation and fundraising, and includes detailed interviews with volunteers during and after their travels. Whatever experience you’re seeking, this groundbreaking guide will help you to find a genuine eco-friendly, conservation-focused project.
- Conservation volunteering: its ethics, problems, pitfalls, benefits and outcomes.
- A comprehensive audit and objective assessment of each volunteering organisation showing the practical, scientific and conservation outcomes of each project.
- Organisation ’ratings’ in a series of categories provide at-a-glance comparison.
- Special focus on wildlife and environmental conservation volunteering.