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Yorkshire Gritstone Bouldering - Inglaterra.
Guía de Escalada ROCKFAX (Bulder).
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Alan Cameron Duff.
Publicado Diciembre 2000.
320 Páginas.
24 Áreas.
3500+ Problemas.
16 páginas a color.

For many the best bouldering in Britain is found in the county of Yorkshire. This book gives comprehensive coverage of all the many fine problems found at crags like Almscliff, Brimham, Caley, Bridestones and many more.

Format - Each major area is given full coverage including descriptions and diagrams for all significant problems, and many great eliminates. Many minor areas are described with simple approach details for keen boulders to explore for themselves.
The book was put together by Alan Cameron-Duff and although the style differs from recent ROCKFAX publications, the coverage remains clear and concise.

Crags Included:
Almscliff, Bridestones, Brimham, Caley, Crookrise, Crookstones, Earl Crag, Gorple, Hetchell, Ilkley, Shipley Glen, Simon''s Seat, Slipstones, West Vale, Wetherby, Widdop, Woodhouse Scar.