Yunnan: China South of the Clouds - Odyssey

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China South of the Clouds.
Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autor: Jim Goodman.
Fecha de Publicación: Julio 2008.
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Wedged between Tibet and the exotic lands of Southeast Asia, Yunnan Province is one of the least known and most beguiling regions of China. A mountainous wonderland, it is home to 24 diverse, colorful ethnic cultures. With a name meaning ''South of the Clouds'', Yunnan boasts sparkling blue skies, red earth, and green forests. The picturesque capital of Yunnan, Kunming - ''the City of Eternal Spring'' - lies near a serene, mile-high lake. Other natural marvels, such as the haunting Stone Forest and lush tropical Xishuangbanna, make Yunnan a microcosm of China at its very best.

- A botanical wonderland, containing the richest temperate flora in the world.
- China''s Shangri La.
- Adventure travel.
- Astonishing early Bronze-Age culture.
- World Heritage Sites, including the historic Naxi town of Lijiang, the ''Three Rivers'' and the holy mountain Kawakarpo on the border with Tibet.
- The largest concentration of minority nationalities in China.