Zambia & Malawi Travel Guide - Guía de viaje de Zambia y Malawi

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Zambia & Malawi Travel Guide.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
1ª edición / Marzo 2010.
ISBN: 9781741794335.
336 páginas / 12 páginas a color / 45 mapas.
Alan Murphy , Nana Luckham.
Take Lonely Planet's first edition of Zambia & Malawi on your travels and you'll be wildlife spotting on safari in unspoilt national parks; gazing at the thundering might of Victoria Falls; watching Kuomboka, one of the last great Southern African ceremonies; or relaxing beachside at Nkhata Bay. Why not do it all?

  • DETAILED Itineraries take you from Zambia's magnificent wildlife to Malawi's stunning lakes
  • ECOFRIENDLY tips to help you to make your travels green
  • COLOUR chapter on wildlife, wild places and where to chill out
  • VICTORIA FALLS: Special chapter dedicated to this natural wonder!
  • 76 Detailed & easy to use Maps