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Zanzibar, Pemba & Mafia.

Zanzíbar, Pemba y Mafia.

Idioma: INGLÉS.
Autores: Chris McIntyre y Susan McIntyre.
7ª Edición. Marzo 2009.
400 Páginas. 16 Páginas de fotos a color. 25 Mapas.
ISBN: 9781841622545.

These authors (who have married each other since the sixth edition) are passionate about detail. While researching this latest edition of their Zanzibar guide, Chris and Susan have personally visited each of the almost 250 properties featured. Zanzibar is experiencing rocketing development; so many of these hotels, lodges and guesthouses have been newly built since the last edition and are not mentioned in any other guide on the market. They've also meticulously redrawn and updated all their maps using GPS coordinates to pinpoint landmarks; again, they are the only Zanzibar guidebook authors to have done so. Just don't ask what they talk about over dinner.

  • The most frequently updated guidebook to the islands
  • Expanded hotel, lodge and guesthouse listings keep pace with Zanzibar's frenetic development
  • Mafia and Pemba islands are also covered in detail

  • Table of Contents
    (1) Introduction
    (2) Chapter 1 History, Politics and Economy
    (3) Chapter 2 People and Culture
    (4) Chapter 3 Natural Environment
    (5) Chapter 4 Planning and Preparation
    (6) Chapter 5 Zanzibar Island Essentials
    (7) Chapter 6 Zanzibar Town
    (8) Chapter 7 Around Zanzibar Town
    (9) Chapter 8 Northern Zanzibar
    (10) Chapter 9 Northeastern Zanzibar
    (11) Chapter 10 Southeastern Zanzibar
    (12) Chapter 11 Southwestern Zanzibar
    (13) Chapter 12 Pemba
    (14) Chapter 13 Mafia Archipelago
    (15) Chapter 14 Southern Tanzania Safaris
    (16) Appendix I Language
    (17) Appendix 2 Further Information
    (18) Index